Video Editing

I am a self-taught video editor, having progressed from iMovie SD in 2004 to currently Final Cut 10.4.  I am most inspired to archive educational and musical projects I have been involved with.  Some of these editing jobs have been award-winning.  Always, they are fun.  If you like my style, don’t hesitate to contact me with your project.  My base rate is $60/hr.

2018:  Here is a music video I shot and edited in collaboration with Kumsa Maphalala.

2019:  Here is a music video I shot and edited to promote a new portable marimba project.

2010:  Here is a music video I shot and co-edited that won 1st place in that year’s national 4-H Youth Video contest.  I wrote and arranged the music, partly performed by youth.

2012:  Here is a promotional video I made for a Korean Natural Farming chicken-raising kit.

2018:  Here is an archive of the workshops presented at the last Green Lake Flow Festival.

2014:  Here is a collage of activities at Dragon’s Eye Learning Center, with original music.

2017:  Here is a documentary about the marimba upbringing of my hanai children, Kumsa and Kanoa.