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New Forest Restoration Partnership

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is renewing its partnerships for restoration work in the Keau’ohana and Halepua’a Forest Reserves through embarking on a new round of grant seeking and writing.  Partner organizations Hawaii Environmental Restoration and Malama O Puna are collaborators in the first proposal, “Working Together to Protect Hawaii’s Vital Forests,” written to Mountain Rose… Read More New Forest Restoration Partnership

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Marimba Party by the Halepua`a Forest Reserve

On Saturday, June 8, Kunzwa Marimba Ensemble was privileged to play a private community/birthday party at a beautiful, rustic lodge right on the border of the Halepua`a Forest Reserve.  Attended by Koa`e Community Association members and close friends, the performance was intimate, with subtle solar lighting and the call of coqui between songs.  The evening… Read More Marimba Party by the Halepua`a Forest Reserve