Select Indigenous Activism Hotspots

Below are introductory information and transcribed mission statements from some of the indigenous defense “hotspots” that have become important to me.  Many other hotspots exist, and the provided links are not to be considered definitive or comprehensive, but rather a good place to start.


Action alerts, historical context, and art relating to the Kapu Aloha campaign opposing building the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea.

“Mauna Kea holds a special place on Earth, as it stands as a place of peace and Aloha, not just for Hawai`i but for the world. Many sacred places of the world hold ancient wisdom bound in ritual and ceremony for this time in our history, to help us all heal ourselves and the world. Mauna Kea is one of those places. It is because Mauna Kea resides in Wao Akua–the realms of the Akua (God and Gods); and that it specifically does not reside in the realms of Na Kanaka (Man) that its sanctity is governed by the laws of the Heavens and not by the laws of Man. For it is only on Mauna Kea that one’s breath can be seized in a moment never to be returned.”


“Welcome to the website of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government presently operating within the occupied State of the Hawaiian Islands. Since the Spanish-American War, 1898, our Nation has been under prolonged occupation by the United States of America. Our web pages tell you about the range of activities carried out by the Hawaiian Government in developing our relations with the community of Nations in regards to the occupation and the profound economic benefits that arise from its exposure.”


“NO PIPELINES!  The Unist`ot’en are fighting for the future health of the land.  They are protecting the traditional hunting, trapping, and fishing territories to ensure that the natural beauty and bounty of the earth will be enjoyed for generations to come.  HEAL THE LAND.  Unist’ot’en traditional territory remains relatively intact.  The forests are still there, wildlife prospers, and the water is still pure.  HEAL THE PEOPLE.  Healing is the central component and main focus of the Unist’ot’en Camp.”


Human Rights Watch is a good place to begin researching the recent history of Zimbabwe, a country persistently troubled with corrupt and autocratic government, severe economic inflation, shortages, and international sanctions.


“We are a grassroots collective which investigates, promotes and protects equitable, inclusive, interrelated and abundant living systems.  In the face of the exploitative and self-destructive paradigm that now dominates our planet, we strive to grow, build and promote alternatives that honor the interrelation of all life.  We work to advance environmental and social justice by empowering and partnering with indigenous peoples, and investigate and promote sustainable access to plant medicine, healthy food and economic opportunities for local communities.”

This is the umbrella organization for The Temple of the Way of Light, at which I found such effective and compassionate plant-based medicinal healing with Shipibo maestros and maestras in late winter, 2017.