Video Production

My experience in executive production originates in youth alternative education work in the early 2000s.

Following musical direction and score-writing of three fully-funded youth after school programs in theater, I was song-writer and executive producer of “Life or Ice,” an anti-crystal methamphetamine rap music video, partnered with Community Video Production Network,  which gave me my first exposure to this field.  The County R&D-funded project required collaborative story-boarding, co-ordination among student groups from 4 schools, and special effect and set construction.  The film opened at the Palace Theater and ran several times on public access TV.

I then co-founded the Dragonfly Ohana Program.  This 30 student, K-6 public charter school outreach program involved intensive management and organization among 5 staff to meet the educational benchmark needs of home schooled children being accelerated and integrated into the public school system.  Throughout the year, I filmed archives of highlights, which were composed into fun videos at the end of each year.  The Dragonfly program then morphed into three years of The Kids of Koa`e 4-H Club.  In 2011, I assisted the group in filming and composing “The Future of 4-H” which won 1st place at the 4-H National Youth Video competition.

In 2012, I was involved in the collaborative design of a Korean natural farming chicken house system.  This involved an elaborate procedure of simultaneous building and filming.

I have also helped a former student with her music and college career, filming and assembling this promotional video for one of her songs, Fly On:

In more recent years, I have focused on leadership and musical direction of a 9 piece Zimbabwean-style marimba ensemble, including designing and selling a portable marimba kit.

Most recently, I donated video composing and editing for a three-organization partnership, Hawai`i Native Tree Partners, which applied for funding to plant 400 rare native trees into a Puna Forest Reserve.