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HALEPUA`A FOREST WORK REPORT  MALAMA O PUNA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  8/8/2020 TRANSCRIPT:  Ok, before I dive into the report, I’d like to give you just a little background on myself.  I have loved nature my whole life, and although lacking any formal life sciences education, have been consistently involved in healthy horticultural practices since 1991. … Read More PROGRESS REPORT ON HALEPUA`A RESTORATION WORK — 8/8/2020

General, Malama `Aina

Halepua`a Forest Restoration Grant 2 Final Report

HALEPUA`A SECTION NANAWALE FOREST RESERVE FOREST RESTORATION FINAL REPORT GRANT CYCLE 2 10/22/2019 – 4/9/2020 This report is laid out according to the organization of the SCOPE OF WORK from the original contract, attached.  The paragraphs of this report have been cut and pasted from a combined document (also attached) based on that SCOPE OF… Read More Halepua`a Forest Restoration Grant 2 Final Report

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New Forest Restoration Partnership

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is renewing its partnerships for restoration work in the Keau’ohana and Halepua’a Forest Reserves through embarking on a new round of grant seeking and writing.  Partner organizations Hawaii Environmental Restoration and Malama O Puna are collaborators in the first proposal, “Working Together to Protect Hawaii’s Vital Forests,” written to Mountain Rose… Read More New Forest Restoration Partnership

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Kunzwa Live Album 1st Music Video Released

The first of a series of topical music videos featuring mastered tracks from Kunzwa Marimba Ensemble’s live recording at Kukuau Studio has been released.  “Amoxoxo – Rainforest”, a song by Alport Mhlanga and Musasa Marimba Ensemble, provides the rhythmic, cyclical textural backdrop to scenes from some of Puna’s beautiful tropical rainforests.  Video from Keau`ohana Forest… Read More Kunzwa Live Album 1st Music Video Released

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New Season in Halepua`a

Following completion of the first round of grant work in Halepua`a, a second round of forest restoration work is being initiated.  LFA control and trail maintenance are expected to take less of the budget, while maintenance of plantings and new native plantings will increase.  Sign up for our MALAMA `AINA newsletter for updates.

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As part of an effort to share and spread the kukia`imauna movement, Lanakila Mangauil was invited to speak in Pahoa 0n 10/29.  The evening gathering of over 100 people began with sundown protocols, which Lanakila shared are taking places at multiple locations on Hawai`i and at sundown at mainland locations.  The pule and hula were… Read More Kukia`imauna