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As part of an effort to share and spread the kukia`imauna movement, Lanakila Mangauil was invited to speak in Pahoa 0n 10/29.  The evening gathering of over 100 people began with sundown protocols, which Lanakila shared are taking places at multiple locations on Hawai`i and at sundown at mainland locations.  The pule and hula were inclusive and potent, as was Lanakila’s heartfelt and deeply rooted expression of the essence of Hawaiian culture and its connection to the `aina and the protocols.  Children and newcomers participated with the more knowledgeable practitioners, creating an experienced understanding of the centrality of sacredness and connection to the islands’ ecosystems in the Hawaiian culture and this movement.

Lanakila is a speaker who is able to transmit the significance of protecting Maunakea from further development in rich, emotional, and factual detail.  In addition, he connects the struggle in Hawai`i with the global struggle for climate action and dismantling of systemic structures of oppression and greed.  His voice is a welcome beacon of truth, cutting through the lethargy and obfuscation that can dominate discussion of the environment and native peoples’ rights with this simple statement: “We are the first generation that cannot look our children in the eyes and guarantee that they’ll have a live-able world, with clean water, food and air, when they grow up.”

The centrality and importance of Maunakea itself within the Hawaiian cosmology/spirituality was eloquently shared, and the arguments of telescope proponents systematically debunked.  The sheer illegality, and the extent of legislative and judicial corruption that has allowed the project to nonetheless proceed, were revealed in stark detail. The substrate of greed and capitalism under a veneer of scientific exploration were duly noted.

In my opinion, as people dwelling in Hawai`i, listening to Lanakila Mangauil is an excellent way to orient ourselves, or to deepen our orientation, to the intersection of native/indigenous rights/sovereignty, climate action, and inner work to re-connect with the nature- and service-based roots of our human identity.

Below is a video introduction to the Maunakea protectors.  Look up Lanakila Mangauil on YouTube.  Return soon to this page soon for a link to the Pahoa presentation video.  Also visit for much more information.


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