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Marimbas this Saturday at Hawaiian Sanctuary

A performance from Kunzwa Marimba Ensemble will culminate this fall’s SEED EXCHANGE AND REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE FESTIVAL at Hawaiian Sanctuary.  The event, sponsored by Hawai`i Farmer’s Union United’s Puna Chapter, takes place from noon-7pm on Saturday, November 23rd.  This will be the first performance from Kunzwa since their summer break.  The band takes the stage at… Read More Marimbas this Saturday at Hawaiian Sanctuary

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Kunzwa Live Album 1st Music Video Released

The first of a series of topical music videos featuring mastered tracks from Kunzwa Marimba Ensemble’s live recording at Kukuau Studio has been released.  “Amoxoxo – Rainforest”, a song by Alport Mhlanga and Musasa Marimba Ensemble, provides the rhythmic, cyclical textural backdrop to scenes from some of Puna’s beautiful tropical rainforests.  Video from Keau`ohana Forest… Read More Kunzwa Live Album 1st Music Video Released

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New Season in Halepua`a

Following completion of the first round of grant work in Halepua`a, a second round of forest restoration work is being initiated.  LFA control and trail maintenance are expected to take less of the budget, while maintenance of plantings and new native plantings will increase.  Sign up for our MALAMA `AINA newsletter for updates.

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The Earth, Our Sustenance video series

A new episodic video series, called “The Earth, Our Sustenance” will start running in 2020.  This series will feature stories, music videos, and humorous digressions appropriate for all ages.  If you are interested in being notified when they start, please sign up for our “CREATIVITY” newsletter.