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How to Vote for Bernie in Hawai`i

Aloha Hawai`i friends and followers.

It is not often that individual action can effect significant change through national electoral politics in the US.  Now is a time that we can.  Bernie Sanders is a rare politician who has appeared because of the need of many people for truth, justice, and authenticity.  He is not corrupt and he is relatively uncompromising on core humanitarian values.  If you are a US citizen, I urge you to take the following simple steps to make your voice heard for the youth and for the future of our world.

Hawai`i’s Democratic Party-run Presidential Primary is on April 4.  (This is different from the state primary election in August!)   To cast your vote for Bernie, you must be registered to vote in Hawai`i and registered to vote with the Democratic Party in Hawaii, TWO SEPARATE PROCESSES.  

The easiest way to do so is online and through the mail.  Otherwise, you can show up in Hilo on April 4 and make both registrations by simply bringing the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Below are direct links to the websites where you can complete your registrations online.  If you register as a Democrat online by FEBRUARY 18, you can participate in the primary by mail.  Otherwise, you’ll need to show up in person, in Hilo, between 7 am and 3 pm on April 4.  The specific location will be announced at the Hawai`i Democratic Party website on February 9.

Here is the page for online registration to the Democratic Party of Hawai`i and for announcements of same-day polling locations:

Hawai`i Democratic Party

Here is the page for online voter registration in Hawai`i.  You’ll need your Driver’s License or State ID number and your SSN.

Hawaii Online Voter Registration

Here is the Sanders’ Campaign’s page for Hawai`i voters.  A convenient popup tool allows you to sign up for voting reminder notifications, if you might be prone to forget the date.

Bernie’s Page for Hawai`i Voters

We all know that we have powerful and important work as individuals and in our local communities to heal our planet.  Please take the time to add this more macroscopic step to your priorities–it could make a YUUUGE difference.



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