In 2019, I began a contract with Malama O Puna to do forestry restoration work in the Halepua`a section of the Nanawale State Forest Reserve.  This work involves protection from invasive species, care of existing native flora, and planting new seedlings.  Little Fire Ants threaten this forest reserve from at least two directions, so testing and treatment are necessary every six weeks.  Populations of African tulip, melocia, cecropia, and other invasive flora, including waiawe guava, are gradually removed or treated to make way for nursery seedlings.  Plantings must incorporate techniques to minimize or prevent damage from feral pigs.  The work is very rewarding, and my knowledge of indigenous and endemic plants is gradually growing over time.                 


Brief final report from 1st Grant Cycle, 10/24/2019: https://seedoflife.productions/blog/2019/10/24/state-forest-restoration-grant-completed/

Final Report form 2nd Grant Cycle, 4/9/2020: https://seedoflife.productions/blog/2020/08/16/halepuaa-forest-restoration-grant-2-final-report/

Progress Report Presentation to MOP Annual General Meeting, 8/8/2020: https://seedoflife.productions/blog/2020/08/18/progress-report-on-halepuaa-restoration-work-8-8-2020/