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Kunzwa Live Album 1st Music Video Released

The first of a series of topical music videos featuring mastered tracks from Kunzwa Marimba Ensemble’s live recording at Kukuau Studio has been released.  “Amoxoxo – Rainforest”, a song by Alport Mhlanga and Musasa Marimba Ensemble, provides the rhythmic, cyclical textural backdrop to scenes from some of Puna’s beautiful tropical rainforests.  Video from Keau`ohana Forest Reserve is featured, along with the Halepua`a Section of the Nanawale Forest Reserve and Wai`ele Trail.  The video links to forest restoration efforts in Puna, including Hawai`i Environmental Restoration ( and Malama O Puna (

More videos will be released about every two months for the next year on topics such as destruction, respect, Indigenous peoples, and climate action.  Kunzwa can next be experienced live at Kukuau Studio, December 14, for their live album release performance.

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